I am not my hair!

BBC to give children mini-computers in Make it Digital scheme
kid pcThe BBC is set to give away mini-computers to 11-year-olds across the country as part of its push to make the UK more digital. One million Micro-Bits will be handed out to children starting secondary school in the autumn term, as part of an initiative to increase digital skills among young people and help fill the digital skills gap.  By equipping school kids with computer skills as early as eleven, the hope is that we’ll develop the nation of tech savvy individuals required to fill the estimated 1.4 million “digital professional shortage” expected over the next five years.


Natural hairstyles make headline news
Simone PowderlyWhile the news that Simone Powderly was asked to change her hairstyle during a job interview highlights just how much work we as a society have to do in terms of making our perceptions and attitudes suitable for present day multicultural Britain, the fact the story made the BBC news is a positive thing – as the more bad PR that outdated stereotypes and prejudice secure, the quicker we can make them a thing of the past! Well done to Simone for sharing her story with the British media and helping to put prejudice on the news agenda. Read more about the story here



ACLT launches campaign video
ACLT LogoLast week saw the launch of the ACLT’s first YouTube campaign video which aims to spread awareness about the lack of BME (Black Minority Ethnic) donors registered to the UK stem cell register. Created in memory of leukaemia patient Kevin Kararwa, the video received over 1500 hits within the first 24 hours of it going live and has caused a buzz across broadcast media. So if you haven’t seen the video yet, make sure you go and support the cause!
View the #CouldYouBeAMatch video here


Things We Adore!

logo-lg-chutney-babyChutney Baby clothes range
Founded by sisters Nisha and Hina, Chutney Baby is a celebration of Indian culture and adorable baby gifts, with the unusual edge of being presented in a chutney gift jar! Creating designs that illustrate Indian family heritage through illustrations on a range of baby clothes, Chutney Baby  depicts the close relationships each member of a close knit Indian family has with its new arrival. We absolutely love.

Search For A Verse Winners Announced!

Image 3. Color blind calendar July 2014

A couple of months ago we went on a mission to search for some of the best unseen writers, poets and speakers, as part of our Search for a Verse competition in association with Words of a Color Productions. Our motive was to locate and bring to light some of the UK’s most talented, inspiring & poetic written work that not only embraced cultural elements, but also fell in line with our moral values. It needed not only to be captivating but also to tell a story that people from all walks of life could relate to. It needed to represent the multicultural society we live in today.

It was a tough decision to make, as we were bombarded by a hoard of talented writers who all brought something original. However, after hours of deliberation and skimming through an eclectic mix, we managed to whittle it down to our top three!

Winners Isatu Bundu, Natreema Asafu-Adjaye and Galina Makohon, we’re the amazing three that we picked out from the bunch.  Their winning entries stood out amongst the crowd and each one of them delivered a unique piece that was innovative and artistic. They will have a chance to work alongside Color blind Cards in the future and will have their work published and showcased at an upcoming event in May 2014 (TBC) and internationally. Their work will continue to contribute to the growth of diversity in our high-streets.

To find out more about our creative three winners, click here: http://wordsofcolour.co.uk/search-for-a-verse-competition-winners-announced/

Color blind Cards in association with Words of Colour Productions- Search for a Verse Competition

cbc comp word

Are you a talented writer, poet or speaker? If so check out our amazing Search for a Verse competition in association with Words of Colour Productions. Click the image above or link below for more info: http://wordsofcolour.co.uk/search-for-a-verse-competition/