Color blind Cards win National Diversity Award 2013 for Race, Religion & Faith!

Jessica Huie

Jessica Huie & Ivar Van Diepen

 We are delighted! On Friday 20th September Color blind Cards were awarded
a National Diversity Award for our efforts to bring diversity to the British Highstreet.
Our founder Jessica Huie attended the awards ceremony with her daughter Monet who had been the inspiration behind the launch 6 years ago,
and was thrilled when Color blind Cards won the entrepreneur of excellence
award for Race, Religion and Faith. The awards aim to recognise nominees who were community organisations, individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs, in their respective fields of diversity including age, disability, gender, race, faith, religion and sexual orientation. Brian Dowling and CBeebies Cerrie Burnell hosted the ceremony; they both did a fantastic job on the night!

snowflakes book

Snowflakes by Cerrie Brunell

Cerrie was particularly interested to learn about the ethos behind Color blind Cards, as her first children’s book Snowflakes has just been published. With the strapline ‘Every snowflake is different, every snowflake is perfect,’ the beautifully animated book tells the touching story of Mia who arrives in the country to stay with her Grandma from the city and finds everything to be
frighteningly different. But then the snow begins to fall and Mia discovers that every snowflake is different – just like every child, and yet they all have so much in common. Available on Amazon here

The roll out of Color blind Cards across Clinton Card stores in 2008 was a
personal triumph for Jessica as a mother and entrepreneur. Today Color blind
Cards are stocked in numerous independent stockists, online at and will be available in Britain’s major supermarket
chains imminently. Outside of the UK, Color blind Cards can be found as far
afield as South Africa, Nigeria, Barbados and will debut in the US chain
Staples online super store this summer. The brand have also recently
broadened their offering with a new range of Color blind gifts, which include,
clocks, baby bags, key rings and mouse mats.
“Our greeting cards celebrate the diversity of Britain” Says Founder Jessica
Huie. “Society is changing, the mixed race ethnic group is the fastest growing group
in this country and if you look at London, it is one of the world’s most
multicultural cities and the high-street should reflect that.”

winners resized

                          Winners at the NDA’s 2013

As a mother I am passionate about ensuring that my children have access to
positive images which represent them on greeting cards, Color blind Cards is
the result of that motivation, not just for my kids but for all children.”
The National Diversity Awards will be televised on 8th November 2013 on the community channel.



Diversity is a beautiful word

 cbc classy and fab

Without diversity think how boring the world would be. We would wear the same style of clothes, eat the same food, watch the same movies and stick to the same routine throughout our entire lives. Pure monotony. Diversity shows creativity and the innovation of the human mind to create. So many things we enjoy today have come from a desire to diversify and push boundaries. Steve Jobs revolutionised the way we listen to music and interact with the Iphone, Mark Zuckerberg has developed the way we communicate by creating an online social landscape, Run Dmc brought rap music into our lives, JK Rowling opened our imagination to a new world of fantasy and literature and so many others have changed our lives with their ideas and innovations.

Diversity is a part of all of us, and when harnessed the resut is growth and an enhanced experience for us all. Color blind cards fully embrace diversity and are charting a new path in how we greet and express our gratitude to each other by ensuring that the cards and gifts we send depict imagery which is representative of just how diverse our world is. We weren’t prepared to settle for the limitations of the cards we saw on high-street shelves, and that discontent has brought us on this journey. Perfect time to mention that out mission and success so far has resulted in color blind cards having been shortlisted for the 2013 National Diversity Awards! Up against 4,500 other entries its great to have our efforts recognised – do cross your fingers for us! We’ll update you after awards night on September 20th. We are playing our role and we encourage you to join the movement and play your part. If you want to be part of our team you can become a cards trader and get more information by clicking on this link:

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