Carnival is a spectacular event!

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Referred to as ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ by those in the Caribbean and South American we can understand why. Only Carnival can create this unique atmosphere where different races and cultures can come together have a grand time.


The sea of colour during Carnival is a true reflection of the diversity that can be experienced during this festival. There are many things that separate us and make us different but only a few occasions such as Carnival can we come together and share in the festivities.


While Carnival may have different meaning for various cultures we can be certain that the unity, passion and fun are constants which resonate with each and every one of us.


This weekend is Notting Hill Carnival and there will be a wealth of culture and diversity right in London. I encourage you to go and experience something different and expand your horizons. Do something that will enrich your life – make a new friend, eat something spicy, dance in the streets or experience a different culture.


Many people believe Carnival is a party, but it is more than that…it is a life experience.

Caribbean fashion is going global…

Nicole Grey in Attitude by Ashley Martin 1MB

Designer collection ‘Attitude’ by Ashley Martin of Jamaica


And just like that Caribbean Fashion Week 2013 is over. Color blind Cards hit Kingston, Jamaica as sponsors of the event which sees fashion designers from across the islands culminate in Jamaica each year for three nights of runway shows as their collections are modelled by Jamaican models, many of whom have gone on to be huge success stories internationally.

jess ja picFrom bottom left: brand specialist Kubi Springer, NY media mavens Sherry Biting and Hillary Crosley, PR expert Jessica Huie and assistant Elca Jeffers


Each year Color blind Founder Jessica consults for CFW and helps shine an international spotlight on the event by inviting media and experts from the UK and US to experience and champion the event. This year we were honoured to have acclaimed branding expert Kubi Springer @kubispringer in town alongside New York media mavens and founders of Parlour Magazine @parlourmagazine  @HillaryCrosley and Sherry Biting @sjbrules writing for Parlour & Ebony Magazine. For apart from the celebration of black beauty that CFW represents  (and how wonderful to see an increase in the number of children and teenagers in the audience this year witnessing the relentless train of regal black beauty) there is a vital purpose and motivation behind Caribbean Fashion Week.

Romae kingsley jess nell lfw

Center: CFW founder Kingsley Cooper with Color blind Card’s Jessica (to his left) model Nell Robinson (to his right) and the CFW team.


When Jamaican entrepreneurs Kingsley Cooper and Hilary Phillips first launched the event 13 years ago, his vision was to create an event which would not attempt to emulate the western fashion week experience, but would revel in the salability of its eclectic Caribbean culture and offer fashion designers from the islands a platform to showcase their designs to the world. Many designers, Trinidad & Tobago’s Claudia Pegus @claudiapegusltd and Meiling @meilinginc, Jamaica’s Arlene Martin @drennaLUNA to name a few, have long been ready to supersede the limits of the Caribbean market and burst into the international market place.

jeneil cbc  Nell cbc


Jamaica’s most gorgeous and successful model exports Jeneil Williams and Nell Robinson love Color blind Cards!


As a part of the CFW team we want to see Caribbean fashion exported to the world, inspiring the industry and consumers with its unique flair and positively impacting on the economy in the Caribbean. It was beautiful to see designers from even further afield join the show again this year.  Ethiopian designers Fikirte Addis and Mahlet Afework showed their collections, and listening to Mahlet explain how  the women weavers and their family’s who create her Mafi collection’s lives are impacted through working  for her ethical brand whose designs would fit seamlessly into London and New York boutiques ,  we were reminded that the fashion itself is secondary to what CFW is truly about, creating an industry in the Caribbean which is near non existent. Making a business out of Caribbean fashion and introducing its talent to the world. Nobody could question the influence of the region when it comes to music and food, but the Caribbean has more to offer!


Back home and buzzing with intent,  Jessica Huie will work alongside Kubi Springer and the CFW team to introduce the Caribbean Fashion Week 2014 Shopping Experience.  See it on the catwalk, love it, buy it instantly online.  Excited much. Here’s to diversity, growth and a celebration of our people!


Click here to watch an interview with Jamaican supermodel Oraine Barrett (pictured above), Ralph Lauren campaign and Man Down Rihanna video star talks Color blind Cards eliminating segregation…