Choose beautiful – and what makes you proud of your culture?

Want to work at Channel 4? Don’t miss their nationwide Pop-ups

channel4talent-logo-192x192Following Channel 4’s public announcement last year of their commitment to ensuring 20% of staff will be from ethnically diverse backgrounds by 2020, the channel is launching a series of “C4 Pop-up” events to offer young people from diverse backgrounds, insight into how to get into the media industry

The first Pop-Up will be held in Bournemouth on 9 May, followed by events in Norwich, London, Wolverhampton and Preston.

Each event will also provide details of a “challenge” where attendees are given the opportunity to work with TV commissioners and production companies to produce a documentary or game and win access to training and technical equipment.

Tell us what makes you proud of your culture to win Obi and Titi books! 

If you and your children haven’t already fallen in love with Obi and Titi, this trailer for their first adventure – The Hidden Temple of Ogiso will delight you. Created by Oyehmi Begho, the characters and tales provide a delightfully refreshing representation of African history and culture, as the animated pair’s game of Hide & seek unlocks a magical journey.

We know the power that positive, representative images hold for children, Oyahmi we salute you and your brilliant response to the continued call for more diverse children’s books.

To be in with a chance to win a book from the series be sure to follow us at @Colorblindcards and tell us what makes you proud of your culture!


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Will you choose beautiful?

Dove have done it again with their latest #ChooseBeautiful campaign which launched on April 7. Setting up signs above side-by-side doors in 5 cities around the world. In each city, one door read “Beautiful” and the other “Average.” A camera crew then monitored the way women reacted to the doors – and which one they chose to walk through. The results provide powerful commentary on how many women around the world perceive their own beauty.

Which door would you have chosen? And is your perception of beauty based on your personal definition or others? Thought provoking stuff from the Dove brand which is commanding the female empowerment space in the beauty sector right now. We love!