Founder Jessica Huie Awarded MBE!


Founder Jessica Huie has been awarded an MBE for services to entrepreneurship.

In response to Jessica Huie being honoured with an MBE in the Queen’s 2014 Birthday Honours list she made the following statement;

“The news that I had received an MBE is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful and surreal moments of my life to date. I have put one foot in front of the other in pursuit of an improved reality, without looking back, ever since I became a mother aged 17.  The honour of receiving this recognition forced me to recollect at not how far I have come, but the distance that I have travelled.

I am humbled, and proud of having created a life in which every day I wake up able to live my passion. More importantly I am able to share my journey of defining my own life despite the obstacles, with the next generation. Every human needs a purpose and I’ve discovered that mine is to share the message that regardless of where you start and the challenges you may face, at any moment you can take action to redefine your own existence.

The opportunity for social mobility is something I feel very strongly about. As a country we are some way behind in comparison to the rest of Europe and the US. Too many young people lack a sense of purpose because of their environment or a set of circumstances which they were simply born into. A life without purpose is not a life at all, I know this because I am a product of it.

As a society my wish is that we harness a sense of self-belief in our young people and shake off dangerous stereotypes and low expectations, which often become self-fulfilling prophecies. It is dangerous to allow other’s limiting beliefs or low expectations to define us, as while we cannot always choose the environment we are born into, we do have the power to choose whether we let it consume us or let it power us.

Anything is possible with self-belief, hard work, resilience and vision, and my wish is that as a society we empower our young people, particularly those most vulnerable, and support them to realise their capacity.

  • Jessica is honoured for her contribution to entrepreneurship and for her positive influence on the community. The honour recognizes Color blind Cards impact on diversity having been responsible for putting greeting cards featuring people of colour into UK high-street chain stores in 2007 along with regions including South Africa and America.

An article has been published in the Guardian detailing Jessica’s achievement.


Jessica is also founder of JH Public Relations, a PR agency representing inspiring individuals, entrepreneurs and Startup businesses.

Excited To Be Launching in the USA!

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Color blind Cards has triumphed many hurdles, and the news of us launching in the USA is just another one of our aspiration ticked off the list!

Here at Color blind Cards we embrace every opportunity that allows us to spread the importance of ethnic diversity and unity. We are grateful that we’ve been able to spread a positive message across the globe, and expanding out into the US only solidifies our mission and purpose. We’re excited that we’ve been given the platform to be able to extend our vision and bring to light the impact of steady cultural representation in a multicultural society.

It takes courage to rip up the rulebooks and step out of your safety net, and that’s exactly what we are set out to do. Breaking down rigid stereotypes and depictions, and showing that every creed and colour deserves to be represented positively in their high-streets.  

To coincide with our launch in the US, founder Jessica Huie took some time out to talk with Madame Noire about Color blind Cards progression and future ventures.  You can read the full interview here:…/jessicahuie-adds-diversity-international-greeting-card- industry-colorblind-cards/

Jessica also wrote an article for LA Watts Times on Color blind Cards success. Click here for the full read:…jessicahuie-s…

‎ Color blind Cards will be coming to a US store near you very shortly!

Founder Jessica Huie Talks Business With Madame Noire!

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Yes, we’re finally putting our stamp on the US, and we’re excited that we have this opportunity to spread the importance of cultural & ethnic identity and representation, not only in our high-streets but everywhere that multicultralism exists. Launching in the US will mean that we have broadened our pursuit to celebrate more the beauty of ethnic diversity in our communities.

Following the news of Color blind Cards launching in the US, founder Jessica Huie took some time out of her hectic schedule to talk with Madame Noire about Color blind Cards current progression, latest triumphs and future plans. You can read the full interview here:…/jessicahuie-adds-diversity-international-greeting-card- industry-colorblind-cards/

Jessica has also been busy writing up a piece for LA Watts Times on her success with Color blind Cards – if you didn’t already know the story now’s the time to find out! You can check it out here:…jessicahuie-s…