Color blind Cards win National Diversity Award 2013 for Race, Religion & Faith!

Jessica Huie

Jessica Huie & Ivar Van Diepen

 We are delighted! On Friday 20th September Color blind Cards were awarded
a National Diversity Award for our efforts to bring diversity to the British Highstreet.
Our founder Jessica Huie attended the awards ceremony with her daughter Monet who had been the inspiration behind the launch 6 years ago,
and was thrilled when Color blind Cards won the entrepreneur of excellence
award for Race, Religion and Faith. The awards aim to recognise nominees who were community organisations, individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs, in their respective fields of diversity including age, disability, gender, race, faith, religion and sexual orientation. Brian Dowling and CBeebies Cerrie Burnell hosted the ceremony; they both did a fantastic job on the night!

snowflakes book

Snowflakes by Cerrie Brunell

Cerrie was particularly interested to learn about the ethos behind Color blind Cards, as her first children’s book Snowflakes has just been published. With the strapline ‘Every snowflake is different, every snowflake is perfect,’ the beautifully animated book tells the touching story of Mia who arrives in the country to stay with her Grandma from the city and finds everything to be
frighteningly different. But then the snow begins to fall and Mia discovers that every snowflake is different – just like every child, and yet they all have so much in common. Available on Amazon here

The roll out of Color blind Cards across Clinton Card stores in 2008 was a
personal triumph for Jessica as a mother and entrepreneur. Today Color blind
Cards are stocked in numerous independent stockists, online at and will be available in Britain’s major supermarket
chains imminently. Outside of the UK, Color blind Cards can be found as far
afield as South Africa, Nigeria, Barbados and will debut in the US chain
Staples online super store this summer. The brand have also recently
broadened their offering with a new range of Color blind gifts, which include,
clocks, baby bags, key rings and mouse mats.
“Our greeting cards celebrate the diversity of Britain” Says Founder Jessica
Huie. “Society is changing, the mixed race ethnic group is the fastest growing group
in this country and if you look at London, it is one of the world’s most
multicultural cities and the high-street should reflect that.”

winners resized

                          Winners at the NDA’s 2013

As a mother I am passionate about ensuring that my children have access to
positive images which represent them on greeting cards, Color blind Cards is
the result of that motivation, not just for my kids but for all children.”
The National Diversity Awards will be televised on 8th November 2013 on the community channel.




1. The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

2. The attainment of popularity or profit.

If you’ve been on holiday this summer, chances are, you’ve had a moment to step out of yourself and reflect.


This holiday I found myself thinking about success, and the fact that what it means to me differs so dramatically depending on where I am in my life and the landscape of my circumstances and responsibilities.


As a mummy of two children, I have a thirteen year age gap between my kids. So as my son approaches the age of two and throws all of his toys over the baby gate in a fit of rage at my insistence that it is bedtime, I feel much like a first time mum and still reeling from the difference between boys and girls! 


I often think the setback with social media in this age of over-sharing, is that the selectiveness about what we choose to share can leave us feeling isolated when our own lives don’t echo the shiny brilliance and happiness apparent all over facebook . Perhaps if the shots of Baby’s first steps, the first dance, the fantastic new job… were mixed amongst pics of the first tantrum, the divorce certificate and notes from the dismissal meeting, we’d have a more honest picture of the ups & downs of life.

High res YouRock

We’re about to start trading officially in the USA through Staples, Amazon and Walmart close behind just for starters, its been my dream since I named the company Color blind Cards rather than Colour blind cards back in 2007. Here in the UK we expect to have a presence in Britain’s biggest supermarkets by the end of the year. It’s a big deal for a brand which was born out of a desire to put positive black images in the mainstream high-street.


But having survived on an average of 5 hours sleep most nights for the past month prior to my holiday, become acquainted with my son’s high pitched scream which he reserves especially for mummy, success for me recently has been about being able to keep going and not quitting. Working all day, putting the kids to bed then working most of the night until the early hours, then doing it all over again the next day and then the next, has been my success recently. With my own tearful tantrums along the way. It’s not shiny brilliance and happiness all the time, its tough.

Color blind Cards present on the shelves of the world’s biggest retailers? Fantastic, but resilience and commitment to my dreams are my real success. Being a working mum is my triumph, and I’m one of many.


This week I invite you to reflect on all of your daily successes. The things you persevere with and dedicate yourself to, the stuff that builds your character while simultaneously building your dream.


Anybody and everybody committed to their personal calling, I salute you all.

Check out this thought provoking video on the key to success: GRIT by psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth


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