Carnival is a spectacular event!

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Referred to as ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ by those in the Caribbean and South American we can understand why. Only Carnival can create this unique atmosphere where different races and cultures can come together have a grand time.


The sea of colour during Carnival is a true reflection of the diversity that can be experienced during this festival. There are many things that separate us and make us different but only a few occasions such as Carnival can we come together and share in the festivities.


While Carnival may have different meaning for various cultures we can be certain that the unity, passion and fun are constants which resonate with each and every one of us.


This weekend is Notting Hill Carnival and there will be a wealth of culture and diversity right in London. I encourage you to go and experience something different and expand your horizons. Do something that will enrich your life – make a new friend, eat something spicy, dance in the streets or experience a different culture.


Many people believe Carnival is a party, but it is more than that…it is a life experience.

Diversity is a beautiful word

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Without diversity think how boring the world would be. We would wear the same style of clothes, eat the same food, watch the same movies and stick to the same routine throughout our entire lives. Pure monotony. Diversity shows creativity and the innovation of the human mind to create. So many things we enjoy today have come from a desire to diversify and push boundaries. Steve Jobs revolutionised the way we listen to music and interact with the Iphone, Mark Zuckerberg has developed the way we communicate by creating an online social landscape, Run Dmc brought rap music into our lives, JK Rowling opened our imagination to a new world of fantasy and literature and so many others have changed our lives with their ideas and innovations.

Diversity is a part of all of us, and when harnessed the resut is growth and an enhanced experience for us all. Color blind cards fully embrace diversity and are charting a new path in how we greet and express our gratitude to each other by ensuring that the cards and gifts we send depict imagery which is representative of just how diverse our world is. We weren’t prepared to settle for the limitations of the cards we saw on high-street shelves, and that discontent has brought us on this journey. Perfect time to mention that out mission and success so far has resulted in color blind cards having been shortlisted for the 2013 National Diversity Awards! Up against 4,500 other entries its great to have our efforts recognised – do cross your fingers for us! We’ll update you after awards night on September 20th. We are playing our role and we encourage you to join the movement and play your part. If you want to be part of our team you can become a cards trader and get more information by clicking on this link:

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