Caribbean fashion is going global…

Nicole Grey in Attitude by Ashley Martin 1MB

Designer collection ‘Attitude’ by Ashley Martin of Jamaica


And just like that Caribbean Fashion Week 2013 is over. Color blind Cards hit Kingston, Jamaica as sponsors of the event which sees fashion designers from across the islands culminate in Jamaica each year for three nights of runway shows as their collections are modelled by Jamaican models, many of whom have gone on to be huge success stories internationally.

jess ja picFrom bottom left: brand specialist Kubi Springer, NY media mavens Sherry Biting and Hillary Crosley, PR expert Jessica Huie and assistant Elca Jeffers


Each year Color blind Founder Jessica consults for CFW and helps shine an international spotlight on the event by inviting media and experts from the UK and US to experience and champion the event. This year we were honoured to have acclaimed branding expert Kubi Springer @kubispringer in town alongside New York media mavens and founders of Parlour Magazine @parlourmagazine  @HillaryCrosley and Sherry Biting @sjbrules writing for Parlour & Ebony Magazine. For apart from the celebration of black beauty that CFW represents  (and how wonderful to see an increase in the number of children and teenagers in the audience this year witnessing the relentless train of regal black beauty) there is a vital purpose and motivation behind Caribbean Fashion Week.

Romae kingsley jess nell lfw

Center: CFW founder Kingsley Cooper with Color blind Card’s Jessica (to his left) model Nell Robinson (to his right) and the CFW team.


When Jamaican entrepreneurs Kingsley Cooper and Hilary Phillips first launched the event 13 years ago, his vision was to create an event which would not attempt to emulate the western fashion week experience, but would revel in the salability of its eclectic Caribbean culture and offer fashion designers from the islands a platform to showcase their designs to the world. Many designers, Trinidad & Tobago’s Claudia Pegus @claudiapegusltd and Meiling @meilinginc, Jamaica’s Arlene Martin @drennaLUNA to name a few, have long been ready to supersede the limits of the Caribbean market and burst into the international market place.

jeneil cbc  Nell cbc


Jamaica’s most gorgeous and successful model exports Jeneil Williams and Nell Robinson love Color blind Cards!


As a part of the CFW team we want to see Caribbean fashion exported to the world, inspiring the industry and consumers with its unique flair and positively impacting on the economy in the Caribbean. It was beautiful to see designers from even further afield join the show again this year.  Ethiopian designers Fikirte Addis and Mahlet Afework showed their collections, and listening to Mahlet explain how  the women weavers and their family’s who create her Mafi collection’s lives are impacted through working  for her ethical brand whose designs would fit seamlessly into London and New York boutiques ,  we were reminded that the fashion itself is secondary to what CFW is truly about, creating an industry in the Caribbean which is near non existent. Making a business out of Caribbean fashion and introducing its talent to the world. Nobody could question the influence of the region when it comes to music and food, but the Caribbean has more to offer!


Back home and buzzing with intent,  Jessica Huie will work alongside Kubi Springer and the CFW team to introduce the Caribbean Fashion Week 2014 Shopping Experience.  See it on the catwalk, love it, buy it instantly online.  Excited much. Here’s to diversity, growth and a celebration of our people!


Click here to watch an interview with Jamaican supermodel Oraine Barrett (pictured above), Ralph Lauren campaign and Man Down Rihanna video star talks Color blind Cards eliminating segregation…




The best Fathers Day gift I ever had

A father should be his sons first hero

With fathers day fast approaching (16th June) some of us might be still thinking about what to get Dad for his special day this year. Thinking outside of the box a little, what would he really value this year, putting yourself in his shoes what would make him think wow! That’s the best fathers day gift I ever had.

First of all maybe have a think about the importance of Fathers Day, although we should celebrate our fathers throughout the year it’s nice to dedicate this one day just for him, to show our love and gratitude for our Dad or father figure.
This will help us to acknowledge the role they play in the family and allows us as their children to express our love and respect and continue to develop the bond between father and son or father and daughter.

Here are a few thoughts of alternative gifts and gestures for father’s day this year:

Take that trip with him that he has always wanted to go on, but you’ve never really fancied. This will not only give you a chance to spend some quality time together, but will show just how much you love him and that you would do that something just for him. Even if it’s the last thing you would want to do normally ☺

Think of a thoughtful present that you know will mean a lot to him, something which reflects his personality, or revolves around a hobby of his.

Why not write a loving message to your father, research a selection of quotes that will inspire you to pen your thoughts, see below for a few ideas:

  • A dad is someone who want’s to catch you before you fall but instead picks you up, brushes you off, and lets you try again. -Author: Unknown
  • A father is his daughter’s first love and his sons first hero. -Unknown
  • The colors of the world may constantly change, but dad’s love remains the same. -Shelly Bauzon
  • The imprint of the Father remains forever on the life of the child. -Roy Lessin

And finally think about what type of father he is? Is he a traditional father or a modern man? This will help you decide what type of gift he will value the most.

So, good look with finding the perfect gift for your Dad,
Wishing you and your family a happy Fathers Day!
Lots of love

Color blind Cards x

Color blind Cards hit New York

Just back from New York and we are still high from the make it happen energy which permeates every block. Whether it’s the CEOs and execs on the penthouse floors of Manhattan’s swanky office blocks, or the street corner traders flogging everything from miniature empire state buildings to your photo alongside a clothed rat (I kid you not), everyone is on their hustle!

I was 21 when I fell in love with New York City. A young mum gazing up at a P Diddy plastered across Times Square’s biggest billboard its as if my mind expanded and the possibilities just opened up in that moment. I’m not alone. New York inspires a spirit of enterprise in the idlest of souls.

In town this May for the New York Stationary Show, I was on a three-day stint to secure partners for our US offering. As a working mum with a toddler & teen at home, its always tough leaving the babies behind. I know all working mums will relate to the testing moments.

So when it was torrentially raining and I found myself lost on fifth avenue without an umbrella, late for an appointment, missing the kids and wondering what on earth I was doing in New York, the doubts kicked in and I had a sob. Thankfully a cheeseburger and pep talk restored my equilibrium and I finally managed to flag down a taxi and proceed to the Javitts centre for the Stationary show.

Want to know whether the trip paid off? Here’s what happened next…

Video should be main image box on right hand page with caption:

Buyer for Staples, one of America’s biggest retail chains

Don’t forget Father’s Day!

fathers day boy

Fathers day strength & responsibility


fathers day superhero

We have a gorgeous selection of father’s day cards which can be personalized with your dad’s name on the front of the card priced £2.99. Order before 3pm on weekdays for delivery within 24 hours!

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