What does a Color blind cards trader do?

- A Color blind cards trader sells our unique range of greeting cards to their network of friends, family and within their community at events, parties, fairs or to local businesses.

- Traders buy from Color blind at a greatly reduced price of 0.90p for greeting cards and then sell them at a recommended retail price (RRP) of £2.99 each.



Benefits of being a Color blind trader

- Run your own business around your own schedule and commitments 

- Help secure a positive presence for the Color blind brand which seeks to ensure that we all have access to greeting cards that represent us

- No pressure or deadlines

- Great additional income

- Very low start up costs but great profit margins



Who is our target market?

- Color blind cards target market is UNLIMITED, people of all races from all over the world celebrate our range and support our ethos. Which means for our Traders the opportunities are endless!



Getting started

Start-up Kit: Only £25! (+£6.99PP)

Kit includes:

The right to sell Color blind cards

15 of our best selling award winning greeting cards

5 Catalogues

12 order forms




Start-up Kit PLUS: £100 (+£12.00PP)

Kit includes:

The right to sell Color blind cards

100 of our best selling award winning greeting cards

12 Catalogues

40 order forms




- Your Start-up Kit will be dispatched within 72 hours of receipt of payment

- Once this arrives you can familiarise yourself with the sample stock, catalogues and order forms

- Create your plan of action and set your business goals and strategy for sales

- Your catalogues show all our available cards and your order forms can be used to take orders from your customers

- Launch and develop your business in a way that supports your goals e.g. whether you want this to be a part-time business for extra income or you may plan to be a full-time trader earning a lot more. It’s completely up to you!



Ordering future stock from Color blind cards

- All future Trader orders need to be a minimum order of £50.40p (56 cards) and can be made via our site using a Trader discount code that will be emailed to you.

- Simply add your cards of choice to your cart and then enter the trader discount code when checking out which will discount your cards to 90p each. 

- You will find that the size of your orders may fluctuate with the demand of your customers and also the season. We advise that you keep a supply of stock with you to facilitate your event plan e.g. parties or fairs etc and also your clients that want cards for an occasion right away. However as your business grows you will find that the demand for stock increases, therefore if you receive a large order that you cannot fulfil you can send the order to us and we offer the option to send directly to your customer. Just to make life simple!





- Can the cards I purchase as a trader be personalised?

No, cards purchased at our discounted trader prices cannot be personalised.

- Can I become a trader outside the UK?

Yes, you can become a trader anywhere in the world however shipping costs will vary (please contact us at to be advised on international shipping prices).

- Can I choose the sample cards in my Start-up Kit?

No, sample cards in our Trader packs are randomly selected from our award winning designs.

- Will all the cards in my Trader pack be different?

Start-up Kits are made up of 15  different designs.

Start-up Kit PLUS are made up of a maxium of 3 of each design.

- How old do you need to be a Color blind card trader?


- Can I buy extra catalogues?

Yes, catalogues are priced at 0.90p each. Simply email us your desired amount then we'll send you an invoice that will allow you to mak payment online.

- Do I have to be VAT registered?

No, you only need to be VAT registered when your ‘taxable supplies’ exceed £77,000.

- Can I place an order to arrive with my start up kit?

Yes, you can order extra cards that we will send with your start-up kit on receipt of payment. However we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the great value offered by our Start-up PLUS kit.

- How long does it take orders to arrive?

Orders will be dispatched within 48 hours Mon-Fri by first class post.

- Will I have my own exclusive territory?

No, we do not operate with territories due to the informal way our traders conduct their business e.g. Some will operate very locally and part time and not attend shows or fairs where others will be very active and be prepared to travel.

- What is the recommended retail price (RRP)?

The RRP is £2.99.

- Can a trader sell Color blind gift products?

No, we do not currently offer our gift products at trade prices.